In-game and Forum Rules

Community Commitments

No asking for positions

This applies to the server and on the forums.
Don't be asking for staff positions as you will be denied every time as the staff positions are hand picked from the applications. If you put in an application and then ask that application will be invalid.

Be kind, respectful and helpful

Being a nice person will get you far in any place. Don't be a jerk and be nice to others. For some people they can go through a rough spot and they need support so be helpful towards others.

No Personal Information

For your own safety and for the safety of others, we ask that you avoid sharing personal information, as well as asking other users for their personal information, on this forum and server.

No Offensive Imagery

Posting visual content that incites hatred, promotes discrimination, or is prejudiced (anti-religion, homophobic, racist, sexist, etc...) is not permitted and can lead to legal action.

No Spamming

Please refrain from posting off-topic messages with unrelated content, with the intention of reaching users who would have otherwise not selected to intentionally consume such content.

No Trolling

Please refrain from deliberately addressing a forum user or users in such a way as to intentionally upset or frustrate them, through inflammatory, off-topic messages, or with the intention of disrupting normal discussions for personal amusement.

No Illegal Content

Please refrain from posting or sharing illegal content on our forum, including pirated material or someone else’s original work without proper citation.

No Offensive Content

Posting any sort of content that incites hatred, p

No Advertising

Our forum is a place for people to share ideas, insights and engaging conversations - not a place to advertise yourself, your business or anything else. Please ensure your posts don’t contain advertisements of any kind before posting.

No Illegal Streaming

The posting and sharing of illegal content streams on our forum is not allowed. Legal streams with proper citations can be shared freely.